Westminster. 2015. A new political party has come to power, out of nowhere, and has made enemies of the rich and powerful – “shadow people” connected to financial and corporate conglomerates, and perhaps even royalty! Ray Grady, a former talk show icon, has the charisma to lead this new force to the House of Commons, and stop the nation descending into anarchy. There’s just one minor complication... Ray has just been assassinated, and all hell is about to break loose if the public finds out.


A scientific genius has a way to reanimate this now-deceased Prime Minister, but the risk of exposure of the plan could lead to the wrecking of the country’s fragile stability. Ray’s inner circle of advisers must pull off the greatest escape of all – bringing their leader back from the dead. Unknown to them, they could have some major allies... including forces from the spirit world!

The Appeal


“Mindful” is a high concept project, tapping into the growing public unrest towards the current political system, a tension mirrored worldwide. This is a UK-based “The West Wing” for a new era of politics, where the choices on offer are no longer black or white, left or right. Think of it as “A Very British Coup” meets “Fantastic Voyage”, with elements of “The Manchurian Candidate” and “Ghost” thrown in for good measure. With the vast appetite for the new American restaging of “House of Cards” we have a demonstration that politics as a hub for a story is now back in-vogue. It will therefore sit well amongst the work of Michael Dobbs, Chris Mullin, and even Frederick Forsyth on one hand, while Kurt Vonnegut, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley get a look-in on the other.


The crux of the format is the cult of personality. Transplanting the ideals of the “Tea Party” movement from the USA to the UK, this is a parable set in the day after tomorrow, showing what happens when firebrands challenge the status quo. It combines political commentary, hinging on the general public coming to terms with what is going on in the world, with a central premise at the frontiers of quantum mechanics. These two contrasting elements also bring humour to the table, with sequel potential within a franchise which aims to be both entertaining and thought-provoking.  Dozens of topics of conspiratorial concern have been shoe-horned into the text, and the subject matter will provide many PR angles that can be exploited.

Only the Beginning...

We have a revelation at the close of this first story, showing that it is not just the UK which has utilised an incredible method to keep an enigmatic leader in charge of their country. This will lend itself to a potential Trans-Atlantic story arc, where both the USA and the UK must face up and address global challenges.


Both these major players on the world stage stand up for the individual against corporate expansionism. Issues of liberty, freedom, and who to trust are a constant theme. Questions will continue to be asked about how much faith can be placed in what is portrayed in the media, and where powers of discernment come from.


This is a new twist on the “special arrangement” between the parties on both sides of the Atlantic. An inevitable culture clash will develop between how the British and American systems react to adversity.  

There will be a moral dilemma where countries are not being run by the people who were voted for. All of this takes place against a backdrop of continuing acts of sabotage and opposing public relations spin from rival factions.


Meshing with the political intrigue are questions concerning the very nature of reality.  Ray’s deceased first wife, Anna, will appear on occasion - becoming a bridgehead to the realms of the supernatural.  The unworldly technology that keeps Ray alive and functioning may well be having assistance – and obstacles – put into play via the afterlife.  Where does the universe end and spirituality begin?


FILM PRODUCTION COMPANIES PLEASE NOTE - A film script is already written, ready to roll. Get in touch NOW to arrange a meeting!


A Popular Prime Minister
A Nation On The Edge
Cheating Death A Necessity

With twists and turns, it's time to accept this is not the world as we see it described in the mainstream. The propaganda has gone, to be replaced with devastating truth.  Are you ready to be 'Mindful'?


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