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alex:g is the stage name of ALEX J GEAIRNS. In 1981, his school heralded him as a science-fiction author in its silver jubilee year, splashed all over the local newspaper, and it’s taken until now to live up to that hype. He achieved a degree of notoriety on Sky television for his year as the presenter and producer of ON THE EDGE for Edge Media’s Controversial TV channel. Since then he has been a regular broadcaster on community radio station Peterborough FM, and is a lecturer on real facts in screen fiction.


He helmed the annual CULT TV FESTIVALS from 1994 to 2007 (www.cult.tv), and was the creator, producer and presenter of BEHIND THE SOFA, a DVD/Blu-ray review show, again for Edge Media Television.


For a decade he wrote for SATELLITE TIMES, and was the TV and Video Review Editor for ‘lads-mag’ FRONT during its debut year.


Alex wrote the English version of THE AVENGERS COMPANION, originally published in French, detailing the adventures of Steed alongside Mrs Peel and fellow partners. He was a DJ for the whole of the 1980s, including a nightclub residency and a diary filled with personal appearances.


He is a Member of the National Union of Journalists, Equity and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and can even be found in Spotlight. His official website is at www.alexg.com


Needless to say, who better to go out and promote MINDFUL than someone at home making public appearances, presenting to audiences, and being interviewed by the press and media?


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